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Don't let your dreams stay as dreams!! 

After the long holiday break, we are back with a vengeance. First up on the list, is of course, our superb Forgotten Dreams collection. Some of you have probably gotten a glimpse of this exquisite collection at our Gala Dinner and now, they are finally coming to you!

We went deep this time around, especially in terms of colour, foregoing pastels, shifting to darker and more mysterious shades; black, maroon and blue. This is also a 3 colors-in-1 collection featuring 3 different hijab designs - Shawl, Bawal and Instant.

Stellar is a shawl embellished with Black Rimmed Xillion Rose and Xillion Rose AB Swarovski crystals arranged in a triangular pattern along the bottom base of the design. The new shimmer effect produces an ethereal and dreamy feel, heightening our sensory perception so we can feel each deliberate notion even more.
True to its name, with Stellar, we truly lose ourselves in a spectacular design that leaves us starstruck by its amazing beauty. The ideal placement of the crystals mean that this design can be worn in a multitude of settings, both formal or casual.
The long length of the shawl allows you to style it however you want so feel free to make a statement, use your fashion sense and get creative with Stellar.  Made from durable Korean chiffon, this design has tons of wear ability and plenty of comfort too.
Stellar comes in 3 colours - Meteorite, Medieval Blue and Biking Red. Each one is a versatile shade that will go perfectly with any outfit of your choice.
Collection : Stellar
Type : Shawl
Material : Korean Chiffon
Detailing : Black Rimmed Xilion Rose and Xilion Rose AB Swarovski
PRICE : RM 95 (SM)

Our latest design, Eclipse was inspired by the heavens at night, a pitch-black canvas lighted by a cluster of tiny stars. Eclipse is a square hijab embellished with sparkly Xilion Rose and Xilion AB Swarovski crystals  placed across the fabric to mimic the look of a star-studded sky, each movement produces an iridescent display of light that entices and attracts.
The partial metallic coating of the rimmed flat back showcases a dichotomy of metal and crystals, a balance of refined shine and brazen shimmer. The cutting of the square shawl may be conventional but the layered folds produced by its modernised stitching gives the design a contemporary and innovative feel.
Eclipse is made with the plush and smooth wool chiffon. This fabric is gorgeous to wear and style due to its light sheen and soft drape characteristics.
Collection : Eclipse
Type : Square Shawl (bawal)
Material : Wool Chiffon
Detailing : Swarovski Xilion Rose and Swarovski Xilion AB crystals
PRICE : RM 85 (SM)

Shining bright like moonlight at midnight, the final design in our Forgotten Dreams collection is not only strikingly beautiful but it's also super convenient to use. Drawing inspiration from La Luna, our Moonlight design is an instant hijab that will provide a quick makeover for any woman fancying a boost to their get-up. Slip it on and you're set!
Swarovski Xillion Rose Coloured Crystals, Xillion AB Crystals and Xillion Rose AB Crystals featured all over the heavy chiffon fabric imitate constellations in outer space, making it a marvelous hijab to wear for a fancy evening event.
The black rim around the crystals provide a salient contrast between a shiny surface and an opaque rear. It evokes structure and an oasis of calmness in a composition of controlled chaos.
Moonlight is an incredible design that works in any occasion, its easy application and bewitching detailing are a couple of the reasons why it is the hijab of choice for busy ladies looking for a quick solution for their wardrobe worries.
Collection : Moonlight
Type : Instant
Material : Heavy Chiffon
Detailing : Swarovski Xillion Rose Coloured Crystals, Swarovski Xiilion AB Crystals and Swarovski Xillion Rose AB Crystals
PRICE : RM 85 (SM)