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Latiffa - Black Collection

RM 58.40 RM 73.00

In our Latiffa collection, we captured the alluring quality of flowers by using Xillion Rose Crystals as embellishments in the design. Dainty crystal florals are fixed along the frame of the face to create a dreamy and whimsical treat for your wardrobe.

Latiffa is a semi instant hijab that will match well with your favourite festive garb. Pair it with kebaya, baju kurung or even jubah to turn your ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary. We choose heavy chiffon for Latiffa because the weighted fabric allows for easy draping and styling.

The possibilities are endless, you can wear the hijab in so many different ways, keep the length long for a modest look or leave it short for a more contemporary look. No matter how you decide to wear it, Latiffa is an essential piece that you will utilize over and over again, it’s a versatile hijab suited for both formal and casual occasions.

Collection :Latiffa

Type : Semi-Instant

Price : RM 73 (Semenanjung Malaysia)

Material : Heavy Chiffon

Detailing : Xilion Rose Aurora Borealis and White Pearl