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TrimzShot by Zara Zya

RM 59.00

Slimming Supplement That Helps You Achieve Your Dream Body

This slimming supplement regulates the organic balance, fights constipation and decomposes neutral fat to give you a slim and trim body. Some of the popular benefits of slimming supplement include:

Promote Weight Loss
Reduce Appetite
Increase Metabolism
Skin Glowing
Burn Fat
Anti Aging

Lemon extract
Date concentrated
Prunes domestic
Ficus carica (fiq)
Guarana extract
Garcenia cambogia
Vitamin C
Garcinia Mangosteen
White kidney
Green coffee bean extract
Habbatussauda & Hoodia
Recommended Dose: Take 1 sachet daily before breakfast or after dinner.
Drink sufficient water for the best result.
For faster effect, avoid heavy food after 7pm and exercise regularly